Dr. Seth Meyers: A Licensed Medical Psychologist Offers Important Union Expertise With An Amazing Flair

The Short Version: Dr. Seth Meyers is a clinical psychologist sought after for their expertise in connections, parenting, and youth. Trained to assess mental dilemmas, Dr. Seth runs individual and couples therapy classes in L. A. to greatly help their consumers get to the heart of these dilemmas. Over the years, Dr. Seth has additionally shared his expert views on television portions for programs like “Dr. Oz” and “Nancy Grace.” These days, as an author, blogger, and tv visitor specialist, Dr. Seth explains the nuances of relationships, dating, child-rearing, as well as other vital subjects to a national audience on some systems. Singles and couples can study Dr. Seth’s book or his web log on Psychology These days to learn how exactly to break unfavorable dating designs and day in a healthier and more happy method.


As an adolescent, Seth Meyers had an obvious idea of what he wanted to perform with his existence. “I understood from period of 16 yrs old that I was probably going to be a psychologist,” the guy mentioned.

He visited Vassar university and majored in therapy, right after which the guy decided to go to new york receive his doctorate in clinical psychology. Over the years, the guy finished training in healthcare facilities all over the East Coast, helping individuals get over traumatic occasions and begin rebuilding their particular everyday lives. He invested a one-year fellowship employed in an addiction treatment target skid-row in Los Angeles.

Based on Dr. Seth’s bio, “he’s got worked in nearly every type of psychological state environment, such as closed inpatient psychiatric units, partial hospital products, and outpatient mental health clinics.”

In exclusive periods, Dr. Seth caused singles and lovers which faced emotional challenges within resides. Soon the psychologist decided to grow their audience that assist more individuals by writing a manuscript about connections.

“My personal plan had been usually to-be a writer in addition to witnessing clients,” the guy informed united states. “I began work with my basic book soon after i acquired my psychologist permit.”

1st publication, “Overcome union Repetition Syndrome in order to find the admiration You Deserve,” went on to sell over 10,000 duplicates.

As he presented their guide through various media stores, the guy begun to be seen by tv producers, just who known as on him to seem on nationwide news portions and talk shows. He had been questioned and gave his opinions on celeb interactions, criminal therapy, along with other hot subjects inside news. Shortly, Dr. Seth turned into a national expert on therapy and interactions, being on “Dr. Oz,” “Nancy Grace,” “hello The united states,” and “20/20.”

“With respect to news, i will be happy with surviving ‘Nancy Grace’ for quite a while!” he mentioned. “servicing as a regular panelist on Nancy’s tv series taught myself tips think fast on my feet and zero in throughout the vital factors — since you don’t possess considerable time to help make your point.”

After sharpening his mental perspective on national tv, Dr. Seth now operates an exclusive training as a licensed clinical psychologist and shares their matchmaking information through content.

Significant Credentials: Conducting Couples Treatment in LA

Dr. Seth made a reputation for himself on television as a result of their down-to-earth and unforgettable method of speaking about emotional maxims. He can analyze union behaviors, for example, in obvious and persuasive terms. Plus, he is got a big personality that shines when he’s on camera bringing advice. Their mindset is drive and a smidge fun loving, so the guy sums himself with the word: “clinical truth with remarkable style.”

“i personally use laughter a large amount,” he stated, “to underscore specific important things when I’m employing litigant or describing a mental idea in the news.”

“If you would like feel much more intimate together with your partner,” the guy penned in an article for therapy Today, “here’s a crazy concept: Do things that tend to be enchanting in the wild.”

In his exclusive practice, Dr. Seth told you he sees countless expert grownups that simply don’t have significant mental issues but seek assistance with regards to relationship issues or self-confidence problems. Currently, the clinical psychologist specializes in partners treatment, school hazard assessment, and parenting. His light temperament leaves gents and ladies comfortable as he shares their specialist opinions.

Dr. Seth is adept at speaking-to all sorts of different people and giving clinical suggestions about a number of topics. “In neighborhood psychological state, I deal with youngsters and teens vulnerable to violent conduct,” the guy stated. “In my exercise, a lot of people come to see me personally for connection problems and other existence crises.”

Creating Fundamental & Supportive advice about Daters in Crisis

In his guide about relationships, Dr. Seth describes a four-step cure for what he phone calls connection Repetition Syndrome (RSS). He stated extremely common problems he’s got viewed when you look at the dating world is actually men and women saying the exact same mistakes again and again. He wanted to program daters how they can break the cycle, so the guy had written “Overcome partnership Repetition Syndrome and locate the admiration You need.”

“fantastic helpful publication,” Veronica Escobar penned in an evaluation on Amazon. “If only I’d discovered this publication earlier. I possibly could have saved me from poor men/relationship selections.”

“My book has now sold about 10,000 duplicates,” the guy told you. “i’m so pleased to know that it offers obtained in the possession of of more and more people and that can potentially help to make their own life together.”

The accomplished union specialist in addition gives their knowledge to top life style blogs, including therapy These days and also the Huffington Post. Their ideas are featured in a lot of educational articles over the years. In a recent post on eHarmony, Dr. Seth offered guidance about particular internet dating situations. The guy determined, “Asking questions demonstrably and directly is the better way to get the information and knowledge you will need and to lower the anxiousness everybody seems in the beginning stages of matchmaking.”

There are also Dr. Seth’s recommendations in his union and parenting blog site. In innovative blogs, he covers salient relationship topics, including self-esteem, neediness, and appeal. Their writing combines emotional maxims with tangible solutions very readers acquire a complete understanding of tips deal with certain relationship and connection hurdles.

“I get lots of e-mails from those who have study my personal book or even the posts I’ve authored,” the guy mentioned. “They express so it provides completely altered their particular perspective on a problem and assisted them change. That renders always I spend composing worth every penny!”

Dr. Seth Gives Singles a Prescription For a healthier appreciation Life

From a young age, Dr. Seth Meyers got an interest in therapy and began a quest to help people deal with psychological problems. These days, he’s a national reputation as a clinical psychologist just who phone calls it like the guy sees it. Whether he’s suggesting a couple of about relationship stress and anxiety or speaking with a television audience about Angelina Jolie’s losing weight, Dr. Seth gives a thoughtful analysis of what exactly is actually happening beneath the area.

Besides their web log, private training, and tv appearances, the educated psychologist continuously searches for tactics to reach out to singles and lovers every where. Within the next season, Dr. Seth is looking to scale-up his classes and classes provide his customers a lot more practical help with personal dilemmas. He is in addition beginning to work on his subsequent self-help book, that’ll pay attention to child-rearing.

“All in all, my personal goal is to still assist folks obtain better self-awareness and insight into themselves,” he stated, “because this is the real root of how you begin the process of change.”

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